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Make the Kitchen of Your Dreams Accessible

Make the Kitchen of Your Dreams Accessible

If you enjoy cooking, then you no doubt want to be able to continue to do it as often as time allows. At Totally Accessible Homes, we understand that accessible kitchens are the key ingredient that will give you the ability to cook all the cookies, cakes, and goodies your spouse and grandkids desire.
In terms of universal design within the kitchen, simple is always best. This means rounding out counters so that they’re straight and flat, and making sure that appliances and workstations are carefully organized. Unquestionably, combining features together by function makes it easier to cook and clean up.

Another facet of universal design is the creative use of new materials that emit lower levels of VOCs and pose less environmental risk. Materials such as ceramic tiles, composite counters, and bamboo flooring have zero to low VOC ratings which means they won’t negatively impact the air quality within your home. They are also easy to clean and highly durable to wear and tear. Coupling these with high grade fans, vent hoods, and HEPA filters on ovens and stoves ensures that the air within your home will always be clean and clear.

We also highly recommend the use of specialized kitchen equipment. Features such as shallow kitchen sinks, pull out freezer/cooling drawers, and pull out dishwashers make sorting your pantry and cleaning the dishes a breeze. These are also easier on the back and and take the heavy lifting out of the cooking equation.

Accessible kitchens are something the team at Totally Accessible Homes can help you create in no time at all. We invite you to contact us to begin the process of determining which features would be most beneficial within your home.



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