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Universal Design in Cabinetry

Universal Design in Cabinetry

Accessible cabinetry can make an enormous difference in the way you use and enjoy your home. By upgrading everything from cabinet pulls to drawer slides, you can make it much easier to access utensils, dishes, glasses, and the tools you use to prepare your favorite meals.

Start by replacing cabinet doors with drawers. Drawers are easier to operate and they provide easier access to everything from plates and dishes, to forks and knives. With your drawers, be sure to include cabinet pulls instead of knobs. Pulls are easier to grasp and give you more surface area to pull from. This is easier on the hands, and it also provides a convenient place to hang hand towels for ready usage.

It is also advisable to add peg board or adjustable metal rails into the bottom of your drawers. This makes it easy to separate dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and serving dishes. The result is better organization and less breakage within the cabinets. Further, you will want to opt for heavy duty rollers/glides. These support greater weight and will ensure a smooth open/close every time. Heavy duty rollers also have hefty clasps on them that make sure the drawers require a little pressure to open which keeps them from randomly opening and obstructing passage through the room.

For heavier cooking tools and dishes, consider adding larger roll out trays. These make removing crock pots, serving bowls, chafing dishes, and pressure cookers easier to accomplish. They considerably reduce the physical strain of removing these when you are ready to use them.

For more information about accessible cabinetry, contact Totally Accessible Homes. We will be glad to answer your questions about the many ways you can incorporate the principles of universal design throughout your home.



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