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Lighting and Accessibility: What You Should Know

Lighting and Accessibility: What You Should Know

Accessible lighting gets more important as we get older. As our eyes age and our bodies change, it becomes ever more important to have the appropriate lights and controls installed so that we can make our way from room to room without difficulty. To that end, the following are some things we consider when making our client’s homes more accessible and convenient to live within.

For starters, we highly recommend layered lighting in every room of the house. This not only makes movement easier, it also makes the rooms feel more inviting and open. Thus, it has both a functional and a psychological benefit. Wall sconces coupled with table lamps, directional lighting, and overhead lighting are all it takes to create a layered lighting scheme.

Through hallway corridors, it’s best to have overhead lighting coupled with path lighting. Path lights are easily installed and make those midnight trips to the bathroom easier on the eyes because they are directed towards the floor. Having path lighting means you don’t have to adjust your eyes to the full glare of the overhead lights following a period of sleep.

Another option that is gaining popularity is to tie all interior lighting together via a home automation system. These systems can be easily learned and controlled via a tablet or smartphone. They make it possible for you to turn the lights on/off without having to get up to flip the switch. Further, they can be coupled with dimmer switches to give you total control over light intensity and adjust it until it is easy on the eyes.

Do you have questions about installing accessible lighting within your home? Contact Totally Accessible Homes at 912-585-7592 and we will be happy to shed some light on the topic for you.



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