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Totally Accessible Homes is a new and innovative company, with a patent pending business model, that has been designed from the ground up to specifically service the handicap, disabled and aging in place communities. We have designed, built and installed products for accessible homes for over 12 years and have decided that it is time to take our designs, skills, and knowledge to the world. Our goal is to not only provide our product and services to the world, but provide products and service to the disabled and elderly communities have never had available to them before.

Drop Down Shelves

Our goal is to become the one place where anyone with accessibility needs can turn to in order to fulfill their needs. From our research, we have the largest selection of accessible product categories available in one location

An Innovative Accessibilty Provider

There is no shortage of internet companies selling products. To stand out from the crowd we will offer what no one has ever offered before, a true one stop shop and our patent pending products only available on our website and through our franchises. Most of what we offer is also offered by other companies on a smaller scale, we are different because we combine it all and more.

Totally Accessible Homes Offers:

  • In home consultation to help assess the needs of not only the disabled or aging individual, but the modification needs that will allow comfortable access for the entire family to enjoy the whole house and property.
  • The largest selection of product categories available in one location.
  • Our own patent pending products for ease of accessibility in many rooms of the house including dropdown cabinets and cabinet inserts.
  • Professional installation of all our products sold as well as installation of competitors products.
  • Professional maintenance of all products sold, as well as all competitors products.
  • Professional remodeling by professional and certified remodelers, specially trained to understand the needs of handicap households and work places.
  • Offer a nationwide network of trained and certified franchise owners that have a passion for helping everybody enjoy life to the fullest.

Totally Accessible Homes Patent Pending Products

We design, manufacture, and install our own patent pending motorized cabinet inserts, cabinet drop sytems, and cabinet lift systems that allow access to formerly inaccessible areas of the home for many people with disabilities.

Products Sort for Authorized Dealership

The people who buy our products have a very high likely hood of needing your products as well. Because of this, we would like to become an authorized dealer for your product. Our patented products do not compete with your product line, and we all understand that sometimes the hardest part of the business is finding the customers with the need. Our company can work to sell your product line to the same customers we are working with on other accessibility needs.

Network of Trained Franchise Owners

As mentioned before we are developing a network of trained franchise owners across North America. This will benefit all companies that have a business interest in Totally Accessible Homes. you can rest assured knowing the your products are being installed by trained professionals. Within three years, we expect to have over 150 franchises in America as well as franchises outside the United States, with growth to 300 franchises in America as well as franchises outside the United States, with growth to 300 franchises in the United States after 5 years. We are offering you the opportunity to increase your sales volume exponentially.

Product Exposure

We have budgeted over $100,000 in the next 7 months alone just for setting up and advertising in trade shows all across the United States. By being part of our supply chain, your product will have exposure at every show we attend. Your product will be represented nationwide, and soon will be sold in every state, installed only by qualified professionals.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company. We are looking forward to working with you to promote the best in accessibility related products.

Patricia Marsters
CEO, Totally Accessible Homes

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